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14th May 2012


14th May 2012


24th November 2010


pretend that you godot

lol estragoo and vladimir u think i gonna change the life that you got but nobody cant changee that becuase that was the life you want to live the only people that could change you life is you not nobody else.

22nd November 2010


outcome #5

Painting “Number 28” Jackson Pollock

Pollock painted this canvas in 1950. In here we can see traces of drawing in black and yellow and other colors that are not longer visible. When you look at this picture, it is really hard to find what its purpose is and you say to yourself that it is not art because it just repeats itself with not “real” drawing. In my opinion, I think this painting connects to absurdism because for more that you try to find its meaning you (at least me) cannot find it. It just repeats over and over again.

“Bohemia Lies by the Sea” Anselm Kiefer

When you look at this picture closely, you just see a lot of colors like pink, black, gray, white and others. However, if you look at it from a distance you will see that it is a road with many flowers along its side. These flowers were identified by Kiefer as poppies. Bohemia Lies by the Sea is a really interesting and beautiful painting that in my opinion is related to existentialism. This is because even thought that this painting may have no meaning for you, its road kind of tells us that there is a path that we have to follow in order to find and achieve what we want.

“Joan of Arc” Jules Bastien-Lepage

This picture is really interesting, it even look real. Here you can see a woman like in a garden, but it is kind of disorganized. In the background of the painting, you can see a soldier and an angel looking at the girl, that is staring at something with her hand open to her side. I think this painting connects to existentialism because even thought that everything is a mess around her, she is kind of looking for something and others are watching her

27th October 2010


outcome#6 waitin for godot

  • We've lost our rights?
  • (distinctly). We got rid of them.
  • Silence. They remain motionless, arms dangling, heads sunk, sagging at the knees.
  • (feebly). We're not tied? (Pause.) We're not
  • this it import becuase estragon think that they dont got the right for nothing. He probably think like that becuase they are homeless. He believe that they dont have no choices in their life, But vladimir is a positive guy, he think that they can be more than homeless in life. Estragon doesnt think that they could makes better life.

24th October 2010


outcome #6

  • Who are they?
  • The play starts with two characters Vladimir and Estragon. They were friends, but they had a long time they didn’t see each other. They were homeless. A line that support this is:
  • This lines support that they were homeless because Vladimir ask Estragon where he sleep the night before and he answer in a ditch, which means that he does no have a place to sleep.
  • I connect this with human condition because all over the world we observe the same condition that Estragon have, people that do not have a place to live.
  • Where are they?
  • They are next to a tree on the side of a road. It was a sad place because is lonely place and there is only one tree and it was dying. A line that prove this is:
  • A country road. A tree.
  • Evening.
  • I can connect these symbols with absurdism and existentialism because the tree represent life with is connecting with existentialism because it give the hope that Godot will come so they have a inspiration to look for a meaning of there life but at the same time is kind of absurd because is the only tree in the place and is dying, which I can connect with absurdism because they are there waiting for somebody to find the meaning of there life but the tree means that what they can find is death and that is what absurdism is all about.
  • What is the problem?
  • Estragon want to leave, but Vladimir responds that they can’t because they are waiting for Godot. They are not sure if they are in the right place, but since there is a tree near, they believe it is the right tree because is the only tree around. It is connect with absurdism because they are wait for somebody that they do not know and also they do not know if is the right place. It’s also connect with existentialism because they are waiting for Godot to know what to do in life a line that support this is:
  • ESTRAGON: If it hangs you it’ll hang anything.
  • VLADIMIR: Well? What do we do?
  • ESTRAGON: Don’t let’s do anything. It’s safer.
  • VLADIMIR: Let’s wait and see what he says.
  • ESTRAGON: Who?
  • VLADIMIR: Godot.
  • ESTRAGON: Good idea.
  • VLADIMIR: Let’s wait till we know exactly how we stand.
  • These lines support my opinion because it say that they are waiting for Godot to know what they will do with their life if, Godot is the one that give hope to them.
  • Prediction
  • Our prediction is that they will stay there waiting for Godot but he wills no come. Maybe they commit a suicide because Estragon was talking about that. A line that prove this is:
  • VLADIMIR: A—. What are you insinuating? That we’ve come to the wrong place?
  • ESTRAGON: He should be here.
  • VLADIMIR: He didn’t say for sure he’d come.
  • ESTRAGON: And if he doesn’t come?
  • These lines support my opinion because is show how they do not know if they are in the right place, or in the right place so Godot will not appears. I can connect this with absurdism because it is kind of absurd that you are waiting for somebody that you do not know if will come or if you are in the right place.

20th October 2010



  • the charecter roleplace vladimir and estrago there was goo friends and there u to live ditsh and there have be see each other for a long time

6th October 2010



this part of the movie show that the children have to work hard to get their own food and can’t even go to school because they have to work to support their families  this movie also illustrate that the childrens are sad because they dont have a normal way of life like go to school and have fun with their friends. is not fair that childrens at their early age have to work just because they are too poor to survive in this world, they never are going to have the opportunity to learn and to be someone in this life and the most important is that they never are going  to success and be proud of who they are.

6th October 2010


” I can’t go on I’ll go on”

Own words

 i can’t do it , but i will try to keep on going

What does it means?

this means that most of the times is very hard to get what you wan but you need to keep trying and never give up.

Have you feel this way?

yes because sometimes i work hard to get what but at my first try i fail and i dont wan to keep trying anymore but then  i realize that it wasen’t good enougnt what i give to fight for my dreams so that’s when i know that i have to give my best, never give up and be possitive with myself and think that i wont fail and that i will  fight till i get what i wan

How is this connected to human condition?

this is connected to human condition because when they have a dream is logic  that they’re gooing to have troubble to reach their dream and they are going to try to  give up withoud trying for a secound time.

28th September 2010


there are not imposible task just incapable people